Ancestors by the Century
by Anne Searer

In order to streamline research efforts for both our visitors and those who request our research services from afar, we have compiled a Name Index which contains thousands of entries of ancestors from the earliest days of our township.  Finding information about individuals already listed in the Name Index is extremely easy and does not consume the research time, either for you or for us, that would be required if we had to start from scratch for each request.

The list contains the names of ancestors found in the most common references.  No attempt has been made to correct spelling of a name even if one is obviously incorrect.  Names are spelled as they are in the reference.  As additional resources are indexed, the names will be added to the list.  Ancestors have been listed by century so that researchers can search for family names within the appropriate time period.  Watch for and record the “Revised Date” on any of these lists that you examine.


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