Cemeteries of Derry Township

Last Updated January 2005

In Derry Township, as in many other early settlements, families often buried their dead on the family land until church or community cemeteries were established.  Those laid to rest in farm cemeteries were frequently moved to church or community cemeteries at a later time.  Sometimes such transfers were recorded in local newspapers or cemetery logs and we have documentation about the final resting place.   For other early burial grounds, we can only wonder.


In the files of Donald Koons, a local historian, we found valuable information about many early burial grounds.  Most of them we have found.  But we are still looking for others about which Koons wrote.  In the list below, they are marked with a star.  If anyone is able to provide additional information about the location of any of these cemeteries, or provide a more complete list of those buried there, we would be pleased to refine our information.   Please note the “Revised Date” which we will update as additional information is added.  It will help you when you return to our web pages.

In all, over 12,000 burials are recorded, most of which are not available elsewhere on the Internet.  A number of our cemeteries have been available in small part on the Internet for years, creating the unfortunate impression that the previous listing is complete.  Be sure to check all of our name lists to find additional ancestors.  We have also used our family files and other reports to verify or replace questionable information.



Because we are a volunteer society and have used valuable volunteer hours to record, proofread, research, computerize, and organize cemetery information, we depend on modest fees to support our library and research projects.  Cemetery searches are $5 per surname and include the possibility for each request to specify up to four possible spellings for each name.  For more thorough research, please request a copy of our research policy.   In addition, our obituary list and our name index of “lost and found” ancestors may be of interest to you.  Please check our main library page for these and other links, as we continue to update our information on line.


Most of the cemeteries listed below are located within Derry Township but a few are just beyond our township lines.  Those cemeteries located outside the township are included in this list because many of the early residents of Derry Township were buried in them.  If you find your ancestors in any of these lists, please contact us for a for more information.  Our comprehensive database contains not only the cemeteries listed below but also additional cemeteries that are in the adjacent townships.  It also includes information such as family relationships, maiden names for many women, and military records for many men.

Links to Individual Derry Township Cemeteries

Balsbaugh Family Cemetery
Berst Family Burial Ground
Brandt Farm Cemetery
Broadview Cemetery
Derry Presbyterian Cemetery
Eby Oberholtzer Cemetery
Fishburn Cemetery
Gingrich Cemetery
Hammaker Family Burial Ground
Hershey Cemetery
Hershey Brehm Burial Ground
Hershey Reformed Mennonite ( Hershey Church ) Cemetery
Hoffman Farm Cemetery
Hoover Huber Cemetery
Landis Farm (High Meadow) Cemetery
Landis Strickler Mennonite Cemetery
Lyonsville Cemetery
Nissley Farm Cemetery
Reiser Cemetery
St. Paul Sand Hill Die Bergkirche Cemetery
Shope Farm / Church Cemetery
Spring Creek Cemetery
Spring Creek Meeting House Cemetery
Stauffer Mennonite Cemetery
Stoverdale Cemetery
Union Deposit Cemetery

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