The Green Gables

1998 Preservation Award  The Green Gables  Frank B Snavely-Salness House(MAP) 246 East Caracas Avenue, Hershey Pa. 17033 

*** 1998 Preservation Award Winner ***

Receiving the Derry Township Historical Society's Annual Preservation Award (September 1998), this elegant stucco home at 246 E. Caracas Avenue, has a facinating history.

Born in 1854(6), Frank Snavely was the son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Barr Snavely. Benjamin was Fanny Snavely Hershey's brother. Frank had a long career, working for his cousin, Milton Hershey. His working association with Milton Hershey began in 1891, when Frank came to work for the Lancaster Caramel Company. In 1892, he moved to Chicago to help establish, and then serve as general manager of the Western Branch of the Lancaster Caramel Company.

In 1905, Frank Snavely moved to the new town of Hershey and was put in charge of the Hershey farms and herds. He had the house at 246 East Caracas Avenue built for him in 1914. He and his family lived there until he retired in 1927 and moved to Hummelstown. The house became an asset of the Hershey Trust Company, Trustee for the Hershey Industrial School (Milton Hershey School).

In 1930, Milton Hershey provided a part of his home, High Point, to serve as the clubhouse for the new Hershey Country Club. To make space for the Country Club, a number of High Point's furnishings were moved into storage at 246 East Caracas Avenue. They continued to be stored there even after Allen Hammond (HIS high school principal) and his family moved into the house. When Milton Hershey died in 1945, an inventory of his estate documented these items in storage. This inventory can be found in the Hershey Trust Company collection.

Several families have lived in the 25-room home over years, enjoying the stained and leaded glass windows, broad staircase, imposing chandeliers, elaborate sunken tub many other details, all of the finest quality.
Current owners, Dr. Kym & Linda Salness, along m their four daughters, cherish this wonderful home. Salnesses have returned the house to it's original pale green color and have landscaped the exterior with many shrubs and flowers. The vision and legacy of Milton Hershey Iives on for all to see in this splendid home.