Imboden/Muller House

2005 Preservation Winner  The Imboden-Muller House(MAP) 354 E. Chocolate Ave., Hershey Pa. 17033

*** 2005 Preservation Award Winner ***

The two-story limestone farmhouse at 354 E. Chocolate Ave. was built by John Imboden in 1873. The property, as a family farm, continued in operation until the 1920's.

The stone smoke-house located behind the main house is the only remaining farm building of the several other original buildings.

After the death of John in 1917, his son Harry and family moved to the "newer" red-brick home across the street, now present day Chocolate Ave. The original Imboden stone farmhouse was then turned over to the tenant farmer and his family.

Mr. Hershey purchased the original farm in the late 1920's and had the house renovated for Charles Ziegler, one of his executives.

Some features of the original Imboden farm-house remain unchanged but much of the interior has been reconfigured.

Renovations at that time included an enclosed porch at the west end of the house and a garage at the east side of the house.

Other features to modernize the house included built-in closets, indoor plumbing, electrical wiring and installation of a furnace.. Doors, flooring and woodwork are all Of the 1920's vintage.

Additions in more recent years include expansion of the back porch, a screened-in second floor rear balcony and central air-conditioning.

Landscaping has enhanced the privacy of this home which has been owned and lived in by Dr. Arnold and Anne Muller since 1974.