Deaven House

2008 Preservation Award  The Deaven House(MAP) 945 Poplar Avenue, Hershey Pa. 17033

*** 2008 Preservation Award Winner ***

Receiving the Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society's 12th Annual Preservation Award is the Deaven House at 945 Poplar Avenue, Hershey, PA. The history of the Deaven House begins in the mid-1950s when Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Deaven began to build their dream home on historic Pat's Hill. The couple was committed to building their home almost exclusively by themselves, employing their craftsmanship especially in the area of carpentry and stonemasonry. They built an architectural treasure that is representative of the many historic stone houses that can be found in Deny Township.

The home stands on land that had once been the Robinson Patrick farm Milton S. Hershey purchased the farmland from Patrick, in 1909. It was the view from Pat's Hill overlooking his "model town" that prompted him to build his dream hotel on that historic site 25 years later.

A retired carpenter, Deaven drew up his own plans On a sheet of ordinary wrapping paper. He worked out changes as he was building, in some cases adding features and removing others His wife, Emma, a daughter of Robinson Patrick, was his able assistant as he made his own doors window sashes, frames and siding because, he said, he wanted to give his house a "professional look." One of the outstanding details of the Deaven House is its exterior stonework that includes two stone fireplaces one on the outside wall and one in the basement.

This unusual and endearing home was purchased by Dick & Audrey Mann in December, 1962, when they became its first occupants. The couple has a great deal of reverence for its builder and for their home's place in the history Of Hershey.

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