Dresher / Narkiewicz Home

2009 Residential Preservation Award Winner - The Dresher  Narkiewicz Home(MAP) 239 Elm Avenue, Hershey Pa. 17033

*** 2009 Preservation Award Winner ***

The history of this Elm Avenue home, winner of the 2009 Preservation Award for a residential property, takes us back to an era when farmland began to make way for tree lined streets with homes to accommodate workers who flocked to the growing town of Hershey. On August 31, 1931 the Hershey Trust Company, as the owner, conveyed 239 Elm Avenue to the historic Hershey Estates. On July 31, 1933, Hershey Estates conveyed the lot to Harry D. Dresher and his wife Mary for the grand sum of $990. The home was built by Hershey Estates in 1934.

Though the home evokes certain elements of it's era, it embodies many other unique features of quality and distinction. Examples of this are a hand-carved frieze above the former carport, stylized in a basic Arts and Crafts rhetoric, handcrafted with attention to detail; and an outside stone fireplace, integrated with the exterior stone the Deavens' personally quarried and split.

A series of different owners occupied this home from 1974 until the property was purchased by David and Carol Narkiewicz on June 30, 2003. The couple then began a carefully planned restoration process to restore the home's original beauty and character, and honor its historical background.

Significant attention was paid to removing more recently added features of the home that were not in keeping with the home's history and architecture and replacing them with ones more suited to the era in which this home was built. An addition, designed by Richard Curry, was built onto the back of the home in the style of the original house. The interior rooms were all designed to look like the 1930's with Art Deco used in the family room, bedroom and master bath with an elegant 1930's style kitchen.

An added feature was the placement of a date stone on the back of the house with the original date of 1934 and the renovation date of 2004.

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