Swartzbaugh Residence


(MAP) 203 Cocoa Ave., Hershey, PA 17033

*** 2014 Preservation Award Winner *** 

The current-day Swartzbaugh home, on land originally sold in 1903 to Milton and Catherine Hershey by Peter Shenk, presides over the corner of Granada and Cocoa Avenues. The home at 203 Cocoa was first owned by Charles Glynn, Master Mechanic for the Hershey Chocolate Company. After a number of residential transfers, the home was sold to Evangelical Lutheran Church sometime after 1924. In 1935, the home was sold back to Milton Hershey, who then transferred the title to the Derry Township School District.

The most notable recent tenants included Eugene Jacques, Derry Township School District Superintendent, who resided there for over 20 years, and current homeowners, Claude and Louise Swartzbaugh.

The Swartzbaughs have served as diligent caretakers of the property, maintaining virtually every single design and aesthetic component in its original form, since they purchased it from the School District at public auction in June 1970. Oddly, their attempts to purchase the home took a circuitous route, demonstrated by not one or two, but three separate attempts to purchase the property. As Louise Swartzbaugh so poignantly notes, “After four years and three disappointments we finally settled into the house we fell in love with. We still love it after 44 years.”