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The Imboden House

1999 Preservation Award  The Imboden-Auchenbach House

(MAP) East Chocolate Avenue, Hershey Pa. 17033 

*** 1999 Preservation Award Winner ***


Honored to receive the Derry Township Historical Society's Third Annual Preservation Award is a farmhouse which predates the town of Hershey. Having been built in the mid 1850's, this site was known as the "Imboden House", whose family, the Imboden's, farmed the land and resided in this sturdy Georgian-style country home for many years. In Charles Castner's book, "One of a Kind", Milton Hershey is quoted as saying, "I'll have to build a house for Kitty over there along the creek near the Imboden place." And he did. He also purchased the Imboden property in the mid-1920's when he was buying up properties for the Hershey Industrial School. It was turned over to the Hershey Trust Company in 1930 and then sold to Hershey Estates, at which time it was rented for a number of years.


Standing at the eastern "Gateway to Hershey" - the corner of Chocolate Avenue and Mansion Road - this lovely home is a dignified and graceful reminder of the elegance of early Hershey. In 1995, this property was purchased by Susan Deemer, who spent a full year restoring and rehabilitating the home. Careful attention was given to assure that all architectural details were preserved. Attractive landscaping completed Mrs. Deemer's efforts.


Current owner, Dale Auchenbach, has converted the interior of the property to accommodate several businesses.