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Klien/Santangelo Home

2010 Residential Preservation Award - Klien-Santangelo Home(MAP) 111 Cocoa Avenue, Hershey PA 17036

*** 2010 Preservation Award Winner *** 

On March 19, 1903, within days after Milton Hershey saw his dream fulfilled with the groundbreaking of his chocolate factory, he purchased a tract of land that would one day come to be known as Cocoa Avenue. With his usual keen perception, he began to prepare the way for the influx of workers that would be necessary to make his chocolate corporation run. smoothly and effectively

In 1911, when William Klein, along with his family, Caine to take up his position in the Hershey Chocolate Company, he purchased a lot on Cocoa Avenue. Hershey's well-known engineer, Harry N. Herr was hired to design and build the exceptionally attractive home that still stands supremely at ill Cocoa Avenue. Records show that the Klein family took its place in the early social life of Hershey. Mr. Klein became assistant manager of the 1905 Hershey Baseball Team and is listed as a member of the Hershey Fire Company of that year.

A succession of owners of this fine home followed, after the Klein family moved to Elizabethtown. Ivan and Minnie Mease owned the home frornl 925 until 1965 where they raised a large family. Leo and Gloria Woerner became the third owners of the Cocoa Avenue home and in 1967, 111 Cocoa Avenue became the property of Lou and Ashie Santangelo. They, with their two children, have become the longest residents of this historic home.

The Santangelo family's appreciation of the history behind this home is apparent in its efforts to preserve the combination of architectural styles, which are evident in many homes in Hershey. The flared hip roof of the French Colonial styling, paired with the dominant front porch of the Colonial Revival style with its classical columns and dentil molding, remains in impeccable condition. There is a hint of the Victorian in the brackets under the eaves and the decorative divided window panes in the dormer. All in all, this delightful combination makes our 2010 Award winner one of the special historical homes of Deny Township.

2010 Klien-Santangelo Home