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Catherine Hall, Milton Hershey School

Catherine Hall(MAP) 820 Spartan Ln, Hershey, PA

*** 2010 Preservation Award Winner *** 

Honoring our Annual Preservation Award recipients in one of our town's iconic landmarks, formerly known as Senior Hall. The majestic looking building which reigns supremely on the hill overlooking Hershey and Deny Township has been restored and now proudly bears the name "Catherine Hall." The massive brick over steel structure, with an exterior of sand covered brick, has served the educational needs of Milton Hershey's boys and girls since 1934.


The school stands as one of four landmark buildings constructed between 1932 and 1934 when Milton Hershey began an idealistic and visionary building boom as the country was braving the greatest depression of all time. The task of designing the school, along with the Community Building, the Hotel and the Sports Arena had been given to architect D. Paul Witmer.


The building holds many memories of Hershey history. It was dedicated on November 15, 1934 when all of its sixteen hundred auditorium seats were filled and the crowd spilled over into the foyer. This was one of Milton Hershey's grandest moments. Twenty-one years later on October 16, 1945, Milton Hershey's body lay in state in the foyer, among his boys, his only family. Eight boys of the senior class acted as pallbearers. He could ask for no higher honor.