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Battista Residence

201 248 E Granada - Battista(MAP) 248 E. Granada Avenue, Hershey, PA

*** 2011 Preservation Award Winner *** 

The Society's Preservation Award for a private residence this year will be given to a property that bears witness to the formative years in the development of the town of Hershey. Located at 248 E. Granada Avenue, it is the home of Frank and Rosemary Battista. The house was built sometime between 1914 and 1917 by the Hershey Improvement Company for an executive of the Hershey Chocolate Company, who would have rented it for a nominal fee.

In 1927, Hershey Estates received the property from the Hershey Chocolate Company and at some point during World War II, the home was divided into apartments for 3 families, a practice not at all unusual during wartime. The evidence of the partitions are still to be found on the original wood floors. In 1950 1969 Mrs. Balsbaugh sold the house to Irene Appleyard, who lived there with her family unit it the summer of 1987 when the Battistas bought it. Rosemary remembers when they first looked at the house there was 3 rope hanging from the third floor to the first floor with a bell attached to call the children playing on the third floor to dinner, an invention devised by Irene's son to help his mother out.

The home was painted brown and white when bought by its present owners, with no shutters am the second floor, although the hardware was still there. The Battistas replaced the shutters and then painted the home grey and blue with white trim. Their first chore in renovating the house was to take the front pooch swing down, sand it and paint it - the 3 porches were part of what sold them on the house! Originally the home had two staircases to the second floor, with one of them continuing to the third floor where it is believed there may have been servant’s quarters at one time. The Battistas have heard from many people who remember playing on those stairs. There is also an extra door am the Kick porch which could have been an entrance to the butler’s pantry.

Complementing the home is the landscape consisting of some unusual trees, such as a large dawn redwood, planted by Irene Appleyard. The Battistas have added to the plantings over the years, including a rose, arbor which Rosemary thought Kitty Hershey would have loved! We congratulate the Battistas for their dedicated efforts in maintaining and restoring this historic

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