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114-216 JAVA

PG 5-6 Awards 124 Java Avenue(MAP) 124 Java Ave., Hershey, PA 17033

*** 2015 Preservation Award - Residental Awards Winner *** 

The following newsworthy item appeared in the Lebanon Evening Report on Friday, January 30, 1920:

“R.S. Woomer has planned to occupy one of the new duplex houses on Java Avenue next Tuesday, moving from Cocoa Avenue.”

Thus began a new era in Hershey’s architectural history, signifying the development of Java Avenue and the many prominent properties still present. Along with the notable properties were, at times, equally notable personalities and families who occupied these residences.

This year’s Preservation Awards offer a unique perspective to recognizing and acknowledging the community’s architectural heritage. Rather than identifying individual properties, this year’s recipients are a grouping of well-known, revered properties that provide an aesthetic connect to Mr. Hershey’s taste for Mediterranean Revival architecture. The Java duplexes, noted for their distinctiveness, are reflective of Mr. Hershey’s design directives for the town’s expansion, as noted in the Community Building and Hotel.

This style of architecture offered a warm, elaborate feel in contrast to the more standardized American styles typically employed in planning models from other Central Pennsylvania communities. Typified by the low-pitched roof, an extended portico or veranda, Mediterranean Revival elements are apparent in the Java duplexes, making them one of the more unique groupings of homes in Derry Township.

Still standing as a testament to the dynamic evolution of the community in the late teens and early 1920’s, the duplexes that were home to Sam Hinkle, L.W. Majer, P.A. Staples, and Major Thomas Martin and their respective families, are home to yet another generation of Hershey residents.

We applaud and recognize the efforts of these residents for their investment in preserving these distinguishable properties:

124 Java: Richard Ely

126 Java: Maria Memmi & Philip D’Adderio

202 Java: Mel & Liz Billingsley

204 Java: Wendy Lubell & Mark Snyder

214 Java : Susan & Bryan Anderson

216 Java: Deborah & Robert Bethards