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Sept 2017 WWII European Battlefield Expedition

In the Footsteps of Major Dick Winters - WWII Battlefield Expedition - in our 8th year! 

Dates: September 09 - 24, 2017   
Land Tour:   $3895.00     Air:  $950.00

Early registration is advised.   Show me the Itinerary

A special guest on this year's tour... Major General Wesley "Wes" Craig - Former Commander, 28th Infantry Division and Former Adjutant General, PA National Guard.  

MG Craig

Along with following the footsteps of the Men of Easy Company, the tour will include a special tour of Luxembourg, which was liberated by the PA National Guard during the Battle of the Bulge.

Major Dick Winters' WWII military service was chronicled by acclaimed author and historian Stephen Ambrose in his book "Band of Brothers."  HBO created a ten part mini-series based on the book, and the series became an instant classic.  We've studied the episodes, and the personal documentary of Major Winters, to locate places... Brecourt Manor, the foxholes of Jack's Woods, the drop-zone near Zon, 101st HQ at Schoonderlogt and the Eagle's Nest above Berchtesgaden.  Our relationships with colleagues and friends in Europe help make our itinerary unique and exceptional. 



Randy Ent has done the tour TWICE!  
Click the photo to hear his one minute comment from Omaha Beach....

 Randy Charlie above Omaha



Group at Winters Leadership Memorial


Omaha Beach & American Cemetery, Utah Beach, Brecourt Manor, Angoville au Plain, Iron Mike Statue at La Fiere, Winters Leadership Memorial, Schoonderlogt, Bomb craters at Pointe du Hoc, Foxholes in Jack's Woods, Mardasson Monument, 101st HQ in Bastogne, Patton's Gravesite, Dachau, Eagle's Nest





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