Graef/Khosrow-Pour House

2 Preservation Award  The Graeff-Khosrow-Pour House

(MAP) 206 East Granada Avenue, Hershey Pa. 17033

*** 2002 Preservation Award Winner ***

 The Derry Township Historical Society has designated the Graef House as its sixth Preservation Award winner, September 2002. The 2 ½ story stucco house made out of 2 foot thick white stone at 206 East Granada Avenue was built in 1914 and it was first occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Graef                who lived in this house until 1969. Mr. Graef initially worked for the Hershey Chocolate Company and then later in 1946 became the first Postmaster of the Hershey Post Office. This house is often known as the "Postmaster" house.        

 The next owner of the house was Dr. Paul Wagner, an Oral Surgeon who lived in this house until Mr. and Mrs. Viviano purchased the house. The Vivianos made significant expansions to the house and lived there for more than 20 years. The next owner of the house was Thomas and Nancy Schmidt who lived in this house until 1998.

 The house was next purchased by Dr. Mehdi Khosrow-Pour and his wife Beth A. Peiffer. Dr. Khosrow-Pour is a former Penn State professor of business and currently  President of Idea Group Inc. an international publishing company with US headquarters in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Upon the purchase of the house, Dr. Khosrow-Pour and Ms. Peiffer put the house through significant restorations and restored the house to its original settings.            

Both interior and exterior looks of the house have been restored close to their original looks of 1914 when it was built.