Christian Hershey Home

2010 Adaptive Re-Use  Award - Christian Hershey Home(MAP) 1215 Research Blvd Hummelstown, PA 17036


*** 2010 Preservation Award Winner *** 

The Christian Hershey Home was selected under the new adaptive re-use category. This category honors the efforts of owners of historic buildings who preserve the character and integrity of the original building, while utilizing them for a different purpose (e.g. residential properties adapted for commercial purposes).


Although prominently situated, the Christian Hershey home, (as it is known historically) has attracted little attention in the 150 years that it has dominated the top of ahill on Bull Frog Valley Road. Thanks to devoted preservationists, the historical home has seen a revitalization and has recently become a beehive of activity


Historical records show that John Thompson received the Warrant for this land on February 20, 1744. The land was passed down to several owners before it passed into the hands of Christian Hershey who is credited with building the attractive brick home.


The brick home is built in the Greek Revival style, with the large elaborate cornice under the eave, the low pitched roof and the simple window lintels. While the porch columns predominantly complement this style, the porch, like many in the area, is more reminiscent of Colonial Revival design.


Christian's son sold the property to Emma Engle who left the property to her son, Benjamin who in turn sold the entire fat-in to the Hershey Trust in 1932 in whose hands it remains today.


On July 14, 1933, the home opened as a farm unit for the Hershey Industrial School boys and was given the name Englewood. It was principally known for producing an abundant crop of strawberries. Englewood closed as a student home in 1964 and the home was renovated for use as a haven for abused women and children, known as the Women In Crisis Center. Today the historic home serves as a popular cafe known as the "Cocoa Beanery" and is managed by the Hershey Entertainment and Resort Company.


History of Christian Hershey Home taken from Historic Homes Series on the Waltonville Brownstone Area written by Anne M. Searer)

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